I am a 35-year-old California native who enjoys the outdoors, rock climbing and motorcycles. I am married to my beautiful wife Julie and have 3 children Kaitlyn, Ryan and Noah. Their ages are 4, 3 and 1; we are very busy! I hold a degree in Welding Engineering/Technology and love to work with metals. I have even dabbled in metal sculpture over the years. However, my career has always seen me gravitating towards manufacturing. Prior to getting involved with The Thomas Kinkade Company I focused mainly on large scale manufacturing operations. With large scale seemed to come loud, sometimes hazardous manufacturing operations. I left the loud and hazardous side of manufacturing in search of small, clean and quiet parts. I found art.

The challenges I faced at Kinkade as Director of Engineering were fascinating to me. I quickly learned the "inns and outs" of digital printing process flow. My point of view has always been that of a manufacturer. To me the "art" stops when the Artist is done. Generating Gicleé prints is a manufacturing process that needs to be accurate and repeatable. This fresh approach proved extremely valuable. It was during this time that I formed many of the relationships Squirt enjoys today like our partnership with Hewlett Packard. By working closely with Hewlett Packard, the end-to-end solution Squirt Printing now offers was created.

I feel the biggest advantage Squirt Printing offers is the right balance of services coupled with a highly skilled team that picks up the phone. We enable our customers to focus on growing their business and stay focused in the areas they excel, such as painting and selling!

I am an avid reader and have recently enjoyed the book Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. One of the measurements that Kawasaki uses to recognize a good business plan is by observing whether or not a company can polarize a field. In other words, does it make people into a fan or evangelist of their product or does it make them fight the changes a company brings? Squirt Printing has clearly polarized the fine art printing field! We have fans/evangelists; we also have people who are fighting the change we are bringing and insisting on the old ways. I have yet to hear of anyone in the middle!